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Fair Campground Rules

The campground will open at 8:00 a.m., on Monday, July 15, 2019. No camper set-up permitted prior to this time.

Camping fee is $25.00 per day. All feesmust be paid prior to camper set-up.

Rock Island County Fair Campground Rules

1. Rock Island County Fair Campground Rules1.The campground will open at 8:00 a.m., on Monday, July 15, 2019. No camper set-up permitted prior to this time.

2.All campers must report to the Camping Superintendent before parking or unhooking.a.The Superintendent will authorize where campers may be parkedb.Setting up prior to authorization is subject to being moved.

3.Camping fee is $25.00 per day.a.The camping fee applies to anyone using the camping area including campers, pick-ups, tents, etc.b.All feesmust be paid prior to camper set-up.c.Fees may be paid online at, through the mail using the entry blank included in this book, or in the fair office.

4.A camping permit must be visibly displayed at all times. Permits will be sent with exhibitor’s passes, tags etc., or picked up at the fair office.

5.All campers will use Gate 1 for entry into the fairgrounds.6.All pets must be kept on a leash.

7.Water and Sewage shall not be discharged on the grounds.8.Campers shall not dump, throw, or leave any litter in the camping area. All trash must be put in the trash containers.

9.The Rock Island County Fair Association is not responsible for lost or stolen items.10.The Rock Island County Fair Association reserves the right to refuse camping privileges or evict campers for violating rules or creating problems.

Golf Cart/Utility Cart/ATV PolicyPurpose:

This policy provides RICFA standards to ensure safety of all persons operating golf carts, utility carts or ATVs {referred to as Unit} on premises as well as the safety of guests visiting the Fairgrounds.

I.Operation Rules
•Operators must possess a valid driver’s licenseand be 18 years or older.
•Operators must obey all traffic rules and regulations.
•Never overload a unit.
•Always lock and secure the unit when not in use.
•Never leave the keys in a unit when unattended.
•Display permit at all times.
•Units are not intended for use on city or county streets/roads.
•Operators are to operate theirunits at a safe speed for their environmentand drive in a responsible manner.

II.Safety Rules
•All Unit Operators must use the designated routes while traveling the perimeter of the fairgrounds during fair or as advised. A perimeter route will be designated prior to the special event.
•Units should not be used on the midway or pedestrian areas during the fair unless pre-authorized or for emergency use only.
•Never operate a unit with more passengers than it is designated for.
•Always keep hands, arms, feet and legs inside the unit when in motion.
•Drive slowly; YOU are personally responsible for the safety of yourself, any passenger and pedestrians.
•Approach blind corners slowly as there may be a pedestrian around the corner who could walk in front of your cart.
•Pedestrians always have the right of way.

•Shall acknowledge and comply with this golf cart safety policy
•Will report all accidents involving a cart to their immediate supervisor and/or the nearest Security Officer
•If an accident involves injury or property damage, an accident report must be completed at the time of the accident by a supervisor or a Security Officer
•All operators must read and sign this policy stating that they understand all aspects of this policy and agree to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth in this policy.

IV.Authorization for Units
•All operators must be pre-approved by the Fairgrounds office and a permit will be issued to all approved units. There will be a $25.00 fee forpermits.
•The Fairgrounds reserves the right to deny or limit use of a unit.
•The Association may not approve applications for individual use during the Fair or other Fairgrounds events for safety and insurance reasons.
•Applications for Units used for business or Association use will be reviewed annually.
•It ismandatory for all units that have been approved for a permit to provide a certificate of insurance prior to the event for a minimum $300,000 limit.